Jayle's POV.

Jayle's POV

I had way too many drugs at the same time... I'm going to sleep early. If that brat dares to wake me up tonight I will kill her. She woke me up last night and I think
I might have punched her in the face. But seriously, if she comes back along to my room without clothes on again I will freaking bury her alive! Or cook her alive and
listen to her scream! I fall asleep thinking about Amber screaming. I wake up to a soft voice in my room saying hello, then calling my name. IT'S THE FREAKING BRAT!
"AMBER GET LOST." I don't really mean to shout so loud at her, but I don't want to be woken, I've regained my sanity after taking too many drugs, but I know I'm not
high. I've been high before... usually a little brat doesn't wake me up when I'm high so I'm not. She tells me why she's here and I feel a little sorry for her...
WAIT!? I FEEL AN EMOTION THAT ISN'T HATE TOWARDS HER!? Okay... apparently I am high. I start being loving towards her... I guess if I'm not high, which I don't think
I am... then I must... NOPE! I DON'T LOVE HER... NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Now that I've decided I don't love the brat... what the heck is this emotion that isn't hate?
I kiss her on the cheek, and put the covers over both of us. We fall asleep together and hope no one notices Amber is gone from the girls room.
Light floods the room in the morning, Amber has gotten out of bed. Then I remember what happened last night, with the kiss and her waking up in my bed and... Oh god...
I'm a paedophile... I'm a freaking paedophile... Sara was right wasn't she...? I'm blushing and so is Amber. "Amber?"
"Maybe you should go back to the girls room and pretend nothing happened between us?"
"But Jayle! Something did happen!"
"I know... but for other peoples sake can we pretend it didn't. We have another five days in this place. Say you want to sleep by yourself, and we can talk every night."
"Yeah, but only if you go back to the room, or go downstairs and don't get noticed."
"Okay! And Jayle..."
"No, you can't talk to me like we did anything. Because it was only a kiss. Talk like you always have to me, and I will ignore you like nothing happened."
"Okay Jayle... I'll see you later."
She leaves my room and I sigh. I was worried I would pounce on her and not let her leave. Now to not blush around her when she speaks to me... it might be hard but I
need to try. I hope my girlfriend never... EVER finds out about this.

The End

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