What have I done?

So I wrote this while I was ill today. It's a story between a 17 year old and a 10 year old who fall in love... don't ask. I know the characters well because I speak to them often... also don't ask. But the characters in this book are cool but yeahhhhh~! Enjoy...

I didn't write this by myself, all the awkward parts were NOT written by me... well... some of them were... but not all of them!

Amber's POV

I may have dragged everyone to this vacation home... but Vienna invited me so I thought it was only fair for me to invite Zenalth. And everyone knows I love Jayle so
he just had to come! As for the others... all of the others... I just wanted them there because I'm evil~!
The power had gone out so we all went into each others rooms to stay warm. It was all the girls in one room, the boys in another. And Jayle had his own room because
he's fearless!
I leave the girls room quietly, I made sure that I was closest to the door so I could leave without waking anyone. I walk along the corridor towards Jayle's room.
I knock on the door. There is no answer so I slowly walk into Jayle's room then I remember I forgot to get dressed... I only have my nightgown on "Hello?" I say softly.
I hear stirring coming from the bed. I blush and think this was a bad idea. "Jayle?" He gets up once he realises it was my voice. "AMBER GET LOST." He screams at me.
I don't want to anger him, but I got scared of being in that room with all the girls. It was cramped and Jayle has a room to himself. "Jayle? I'm scared and I don't
want to be in that room with all the girls anymore."
"Turn on the light Amber."
I didn't expect him to ever speak to me in a tone worth listening to. One that wasn't shouting. It was impressive. I turn on the light, and I can see him blushing,
along with myself. We're both blushing. "Sorry Jayle... maybe I should go."
I turn around and get ready to leave but he gets out of bed and grabs my arm. He hugs me from behind. I'm blushing like crazy. "Jayle? Are you on drugs?"
"Amber... I'm always on drugs... but they haven't made me want to hug you." He lets go of me and I sit down on his bed next to him. "Maybe I am high Amber..."
"I think you might be..."
"WAIT!? Who even told you about my drugs...?"
"Take a guess Jayle."
"Jayle! Shhhhh! You're going to wake the others up!"
Jayle wraps his arms around me, and simply whispers in my ear "Amber... save me... I think..." and then he fell asleep. Now would be a good time to use that word that
Zenalth taught me... "Jayle! You dick-head! Wake up! We were having a sweet conversation here!" He wakes up... Oh my god it works!
"I'm sorry Amber... did I fall asleep?"
I turn my head away from him. "Yes... yes you did."
He takes my head in his hands and kisses my cheek... yup... he's high. But I'm still blushing like mad. I really do love Jayle and all his amazingness. I may be young
but I want to marry him.

The End

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