Clocks- Coldplay

The tides pulled me out, can I be saved?
Being drowned by the  waves I'm up against,
The salty water stings my newly grazed knees,
"Get me out, god," I pray and plead.

I think about words I left unsaid,
Now, will I ever get them out of my head?
My regrets of my life that can't be named,
The thoughts in my head, can they be tamed?

The rocking of the waves, it momentarily stops,
I hear the sound of ticking clocks,
I wonder, Will I ever get home?
The chances are slim, I know, I know.

Tossed out, on the seven seas,
So many untaken opportunities,
Is there a way to get out, a cure?
Or will I forever be infected with the disease?

Not a single experience compares,
Never will I have one that compares,
Never will anyone have one that compares.

From the ocean, from the ocean, can I ever go?
To you, to you, can I ever now go?
Heaven, if I die, is that where I'll go?
To you, to you, I can never go?


The End

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