Weapons for Raindrops

First We Take Manhattan - Leonard Cohen


I'm crucified with boredom

I'm shrinking from within

I don't have no respect for them

It's like I'm living in Berlin

The rains fall from the heavens

Soaks through to my skin

The raindrops feel like weapons

I don't wanna live in Berlin

The crying laughing baby is wearing all my clothes

I'm waiting at the station

I'm gonna follow those

Who never win

Can live without the discipline

Don't need the shouting to begin

I'm running from Berlin

Can you help me mister

My excuse is wearing thin

I wanna be with my sister

I've gotta get out of Berlin

The crying laughing baby is turning into me

But he can play the violin

I've got to get ready

I'm running from berlin

I've never felt that guided

Sometimes I'm deaf to music

Or it just won't let me in

My aesthetic soul is wounded

I'm escaping Berlin

The End

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