Red Morning Light - Kings of Leon

If that's the eigth wonder

Then pigs fly in the sky

And I'm tied to you with this rope

You're not even on my side

I wanna go undercover

To see what's on your sheets

I hate ya

Can you hear my screams?

Can ya Hey?

I've got this metal taste

You keep turning out the light

I'm standing on this corner

Glued to the soles of your feet

I keep getting this sign

It's like some kind of trick

A flightless feather

I could write it on your face

Is that good for ya hun?

Can ya let me out of this cage?

Can ya Hey?

I've got this bloody taste

When you turn on the light

Can I get away?

If I could would it be right?

I've got this murder taste

Can I get away?

How far away?

Will you go away?



The End

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