Living Room

Like An Angel Passing Through My Room - Abba


I'm off to Niagara Falls

To stop me bouncing off the walls

But I had to travel all alone.

Left him by the fireplace

Getting slowly off his face.

Oh, I love this solitude.

Now he's just a bit subdued,

But he won't do that to me again;

All in gloom...

Sitting, sulking, in our living room.


This trip is the stuff of dreams.

I've seen these in movie scenes

But I never dared to, in the past.

Now my baggage strap's entwined

With my scarf, well, never mind.

If I miss this flight, I'll die.

To my dream I'd say ''goodbye''.

Then I'd have to crawl off home tonight,

All in gloom...

Creeping back into our living room.


Oh, damn his eyes!

I guess I'll forgive him, by and by

Home, very soon

To my baby, in our living room.

The End

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