"It's Okay (Just For Tonight)"

Just one of my many lyrics. Most recent one, give me your thoughts :)

Don’t apologies,

It’s not your fault.

You can’t help your mistakes,

What’s done is done.



It’s okay to cry papa,

Don’t you push me away.

Let yourself free from this pain,

I can’t stand to see you down.

It’s okay.


Momma didn’t want me,

That’s why she had to go.

Broken from these feelings,

Just to feel something new.




I don’t want you to go,

Go away.

I can’t be left alone,

I don’t know what to with myself.

I need you by my side,

Just for tonight.

I want you by my side,

Just for tonight.


(Chorus x2)


Just for tonight,

It’s okay. (x3)

The End

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