it's name is It

She came home with tears rushing down her face

She knew her room was her destination place

She got on her knees and prayed

"Dear God, please help me Im crying, cant you see me?

I know theres millions of other kids who have it worse

But im your child too!

Im feeling hurt

Pick me first!

You said you had my back if i believe in you

You said you would make things better for me if i prayed to you

God, i need assistance

Lately ive been wanting to retaliate because karmas not playing her part in it

I need you to intervene

I need you to make everyone go away

Just for a moment!


I dont have any time to waste

I need you more than ever

My anger is giving me strength to retaliate"

An angel appeared to her and spoke

The angel said God was in It

He was It's coach

"Dear child, some things arent meant to be explained"

God was proud of me I hadnt lost my faith

He knew I was having some problems

But he was willing to make them go away

It looked into my eyes and saw my soul

It saw anger I tried to control

I did not like the answers It gave me

I wanted It to set me free

Heaven is a happy place

It should have taken me to see

The End

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