its for the best yknow

i saw you for the first time in a month today, i was with an old friend, an attractive boy the kind that always made you nervous, the kind that is my type in a way you never were.

i saw the recognition cross your face, the pain shimmer in your eyes, a flash gone as soon as it appeared.

i awoke to a message from you, it said i hope that you are happy with new love of yours, hope he treats you better than i did, hope he isn't afraid to love you and make you his.

like i could be happy wit anyone other than you.

silly boy, silly boy don't you know that you will forever hold my heart. i lied when i said i was over you, 

i miss you, i need you,

but i won't reply to this message of yours.

i will not, can not.

i deleted it honestly, when my eyes had barely given a chance to fully scan it.

i will nver be over you, but i must stop needing you.

its for the best that we have fallen apart, its for the best that you broke my heart before i gave you a chance to break anything else...

The End

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