It:is me.Mature

I run and i hide,but It finds me.Nowhere could i cower for It will always discover me.I'v tried many places none have succeeded.It knows my every location-there is no escape.It torchers me,inflicts  agonizing pain on my soul.i want to fade into the shadows,be immersed in darkness.Anything to be released from it's grasp.It steels my hope,allows no joy,kills every pleasure,destroys, smothers, and crushes every speck of love and peace.It is a monster.This monster lives in me, it is a part of who i am...It thrives on my past memories and worries of the many marrows to come.People say that the mind is a powerful place-It lives there...My mind is a terrifying contraption.It has morphed my mind into It's dwelling place-into a war zone.It controls my thoughts-which lead to many actions.It is very persuasive....It is powerful an i'm It's favorite victim.It is pleased with my distress.The most frightening part is...It:is me. I'm the monster,the assaulter.. The war is between me, myself ,and I.And i'v not the slightest idea who is winning-but one must be will not survive......

The End

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