It was you.

about saying goodbye to my friends at ymca camp kitchikewana

They call out my name to get on the bus back home. I take a deep breathe and fight the tears. I see your face from across the room and you are looking at me too. I give the last hugs to all my friends, tell them that i will see them next year so they don't have to cry.

I walk slowly to the door of the dining hall, regretting every step that I took. I look back and run toward you. I whisper something in your ear, the answer you were looking for. "It was you." you always wanted to know who I had a crush on. I never wanted to tell you because I had a feeling that it would ruin our friendship. I figured this was a good time to tell you, to tell you how I feel. I look for no reaction I just walk towards the door again when I hear footsteps behind me.

I see you run towards me and you hugged me so tight I never wanted to let go. But I knew I had to go home. I start to walk out side, through the window i see your eyes filling up with tears, as do mine. Waiting on the dock with my friends who are crying and hugging each other, saying goodbye. But I know they don't feel the pain exactly like me.

Next i get called onto the boat. That's when i see you running, running towards me. The boat starts and I start to melt. "GOODBYE, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!" I don't know what to say. "GOODBYE!" I screamed it as loud as i could and smiled. The boat gets faster and faster. I look at the back of the boat to the waves. The waves from the motor start out big then get smaller and smaller and smaller until they fade away to nothingness. That's how I felt watching you disappear. I take one last breathe of the sweet kitchi air and bid camp farewell.

The End

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