It was a funny country...

Translation of a modification of a song we usually sing for kids in Brazil. So you can know what's happening, i just feel really excited with everything.

It was

A funny country,

There weren’t schools,

But there was money.

Government came,

With the sweet talk,

Who disagreed

Would always bleed.

Each person

Had to be dumb,

Cause otherwise

You get hurt, hon.

No one could

Protest oh no

Because PM (police).

Could shut you up.

Finally a day

Everything changed,

This sweet country,

Finally tried change.

The people said

“That’s it i’m thru”

They went thru bullets

And tear gas too.

It’s not only

For 20 cents

Cause we’ve been always

System Slaves.

We’ll fight,

For the pure truth,

And then we’ll meet

The liberty.

We go all,

Together finally,

Not depending,

On poor political parties.

And the result

Of this union

Can end with

A revolution.

The End

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