It Rained Again

This story represents my love for rain.


I felt dizzy. Everything was hazy. I felt half awake but the other half of me wanted to pull back the covers up and go to sleep, but my ears kept me awake. I could hear the familiar, faint ‘splitter-splatter’ knocking continuously against my window. I glanced at my digital watch. It was six in the morning.

Gathering all the strength I could muster, I looked outside my window. My sight was clear now, but the view of the city was still hazy. It was raining!

Quickly, I threw away my covers and rushed to the window. The aroma of freshly wet soil wafted in my room. Everyone was still asleep. The atmosphere was full of calm and cool. The last few days had been hot, humid and sticky. The rain broke the monotony.

I felt the cool, crisp air on my face, brushing through my hair, making me feel rejuvenated.

I was enjoying the panoramic sight, unlike my family.

My eight year old sister walked in when she woke up “I hate rain!” she scowled.

“Why do you say that?” I asked, surprised.

“Because I hate going to school in rain!” she bellowed. “But school’s off today.” I said. “Oh,” she said slapping her forehead “It slipped my mind.”

I quickly made myself some coffee, took my favorite book ‘War and Peace’ and sat down at the window. I usually like reading when it rains. It has been a pain to a lot of people, but one should look at the beauty of it.

But one thing’s certain: I will be looking more out of the window than in the book for one thing that has existed for over 3500 million years.

I need just words to describe the phenomenon: first is ‘Magnificent’ and the second is ‘Mesmerizing’…


The End

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