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I'm having a hard time in hairstyling school right now, so I wrote this to bring to attention the fact that what you THINK you could do for the rest of your life may not actually be a viable option...

     Often, when people are in high school, they are urged by teachers and parents to consider what they want to go to college or university for. Even though many people die of old age without knowing what they want to be when they grow up, we're expected to plan our entire careers before we're even allowed to drink (legally, I mean). Something I heard my parents ask a lot is: "Can you see yourself doing it for the rest of your life?"
     The issue I see with this is... I could see myself doing a great many things throughout high school: I considered carpentry, teaching, art, web design and advertising, translating, vet... what I find strange is that, even though I wanted to do all these things at one point or another, the question is "Can you?"
     Now that I've chosen (under "slight" pressure from my parents), hairstyling doesn't seem like something I can or want to do. The problem is this: chances are, if you're thinking about life after high school, you're most likely still in or fresh out of high school. Therefore, you have very little real-life experience or any idea what these jobs actually entail on a regular basis.
     When asking myself if I can, I usually just think of the physical requirements:

  • Can I stand for 8 hours a day? Sure, why not?
  • Can I cut people's hair quickly and confidently? With practice, hell yes!
  • Can I be okay with the possibility of working weekends? I suppose so.

     The things I don't think to ask myself, though, are things like:

  • Can I live the rest of my life having to meet the expectations of everyone else regarding what I look like?
  • Can I work all day, every day, surrounded by girls who will gossip and backstab more often than they'll cut hair?
  • Can I handle being excluded from every social experience with my coworkers because I refuse to meet their ridiculously high (in my opinion) beauty standards?
  • Can I live my life knowing that my worth to my manager and clients is based off of how much makeup I wear, how much skin I'm showing, and how high my heels are?

     I could go on, but the fact of the matter, and the point of all this, is to point out how shitty the beauty industry really is. It's also to point out that people don't ask all the questions they need to before considering a career seriously, but it's mostly about the shitty beauty standards.
     I decided hairstyling would be a fun way to spend the rest of my life, and so far I do enjoy it... but I'm not a drama-loving, dressy, makeup smothered, girly kind of girl. If the fact that I refuse to change that is going to make my life difficult, then this obviously isn't the "industry" for me. Assimilate or die is NOT my mentality.

The End

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