Is my life unrealistic?Mature

Is my life unrealistic and forced?

I’ve been following a lot of writing blogs recently, getting some tips as well as inspirations to cure my long spout of writing blues, so often I see anons responding to diversity posts by whining about how adding any kind of non-plot mandated diversity is hard and feels too forced and unrealistic to just have people who are gay, bi, transgender, people of color, disabled and etc. (Because the gods forbid these people have adventures and stories beyond being oppressed because of their difference or being a cardboard cut-out stereotype that fit the writer’s preconceived notions)

So I’m wondering, is my life unrealistic? Because I actually had to sit down and think for a while on the question of: 

"Do I actually know anyone who is a white cis straight male that is abled bodied and minded?"

I had to make a list of the people I know;

  • First, there’s me; Bisexual Transgender girl  suffering from depression , social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder
  • Second there’s my family: My autistic brother, my hetero-romantic bisexual sister with BPD, my bisexual mother, my father who has addiction problems and an anxiety disorder.
  • Third are my close friends: A mentally ill roommate (Mild sociopathic tendencies and narcissistic tendencies), A pansexual transdude, a russian female witch living in California, A ubergeek from Bahrain.
  • Fourth; My Regular friends, People I lost contact with and friends by proxy: An older woman with BPD, No less than three bisexual witches from the united states. An asexual human grumpy cat woman living with a genderqueer roommate. My sister BFF who’s a vietnamese girl, my roommates friends who are: A black guy, a Mixed race guy who’s either gay or bi, a disabled guy (Not sure what he has exactly, but partial paralysis), A pair of bisexual teenagers with mental illness (One with schizophrenia and OCD, the other has Synesthesia) A straight female teenage girl, Finally: My sister’s boyfriend whom by what I know is a straight cis able-bodied/minded straight man.

This is pretty much everyone I know and have had any kind of interaction with in the last two years of my life or so. And how many of them fit idea of ‘Default human’ people (IE lazy writers) have? One.

So I must ask again, is my life unrealistic because unlike books, tv shows and movies and it isn’t composed of 80% White guy 10% love interest white women, 9% Ethnic stereotypes villains 1% Token diversity characters? Or is reality a lot more diverse than people seem to think?

It’s not like I’m part of LGBT, Mental illness group or whatever and seeking out those kinds of people, those are just the people I met in real life or through internet gaming or writing communities.

The End

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