I gave you the chance
but you just let me down
like you always do
when I try to trust you.
I give you my heart
and you snap it in two
and leave it to die
as I mourn over you... `

` What can I say
    when you throw us away?
   To make it okay
    again? *

* I did my time.
   I fought the good fight
   I worked hard for us
   I tried to make everything right.
   I won't wait anymore
  We're no longer equivocal
   I've hardened my heart
   and to you, I'm invincible.

I've given up now
despite the care that I felt
I won't pay the price
to later ask for help
You've driven me over the edge
beyond even a care
because I won't be there. *


Hit me all you want,
I don't care anymore.
I don't feel your afflictions
just wait for what I have in store
for you...

interlude `


* ~ go to chorus
` ~ go to bridge

The End

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