Interview 1: Timothy Melton

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     Timothy Melton, 17, is a lot more than he seems to be. While his favorite food is pizza, a

typical choice, he is much deeper than that. In fact, Tim is a singer! He enjoys singing in the

choir at his church, and his family also has some of his musical ability. Tim gets A’s and B’s

on his report cards, something that is almost considered rare nowadays, and wishes to

express himself throughout the journalism course. When asked what he would do if he had

one wish, he responded “I’d get more wishes!” We now see some of his humorous side,

which also comes out in his favorite movies. He is quite a fan of Jim Carrey and Steve

Carrel, who share his sense of humor. In a more realistic standpoint, because finding a

magic genie isn’t too common, Tim says he would go on vacation if he won the lottery.

Like many other seniors at our school, he is ready to graduate! He will graduate in June

this year, and will be a well remembered student, role model, peer, and person from the

class of 2013.

The End

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