You Have to Try

Sarah was in class, but she was there only in body. She had fallen into a dream that was so wonderful, she did not want to leave. Not now, not ever. While she was dozing in her desk, her private tutor didn't even notice. That tells you a little about Ms. Brackham. When she was in the middle of a lecture, she noticed nothing. It's like the only thing going on in her mind is how to drill what ever concept into little Sarah's head.

Finally, the tutor snapped out of her rhythmic drumming to see what kind of effect the words were having on her little charge. Only when she turned around did she see Sarah sleeping like a little baby.

The mentor shook Sarah awake and said in that sickly sweet voice all children hate, "Sarah, did you have a nice nap? Well, I was wondering if you could tell me what I have been talking about for the last half hour."

Sarah felt trapped. She had no idea what Ms. Brackham had been talking about. The teacher answered when it became apparent that Sarah wasn't going to answer.

"I was talking about the old adage, 'If you don't risk anything, you risk more'. What do you think that means Sarah?"

Sarah gave a surprisingly good answer for someone that had missed the entire lesson. She stood up, shook out her hair, and said, "I think it means that if you never try, you can never win."

Well, Ms. Brackham was speechless. When she regained some of the control on her voice, the sound that spluttered out was, "Beautiful". But no one was around to hear it, because little Sarah was back in Slumberland.

The End

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