My username is not just a play on words. It is what I am. I really am a silent watcher. I am silent; I rarely speak to others. But I also watch, and in that watching I understand more about people, places, ideas, religons.

My inspiring story happened back when I was fifteen years old. I was sitting in the canteen of my school watching the other students. My favorite pastime.

One year seven student sat down accross the table from me. He looked as nervous as all hell. He tried to speak to me. Of course being who I am I didn't reply, how could I? Silence is who I am. he tried and tried, until the end of lunchtime.

This happened the next day, and the next day. He wouldn't give up.

As he tried to get me to speak. He told me about himself. His story, hoping that perhaps I might reply.

He was alone in the world. His mother was dead and his father, who loved her more than life itself followed less than a year later. He was forced to live with his grandfather; father to his mother.

That grandfather did not care about him in the slightest. He couldn't care less if the boy died right then and there. Any misbehaviour on the boy's part and he would be severly beaten. The boy was told he was worthless, not worth the ground he walked on.

He told me about every time he got hit. Every time he got thrown out of the house. Everytime he starved.

After a month of this I finnally couldn't keep me silence any longer. I asked him why he was telling me all this. He replied with the simplest of answers.

"Because, I know I am not worthless. I am worth more to the world than any man."

I asked why he believed so.

"Because like you I understand. I understand why he does such terrible things to me; and because of that I can forgive him for all his transgressions (he really did use that word). I understand him."

A great inspiration to me despite his age.

He was able to understand everything that was happening in his life, and not be angry or depressed.

The End

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