Inspire: Book 1

This is for everyone. If you've got a story anyone can learn from, an experience you think we could benefit from hearing, a quote that might brighten up someone's day, share it here. Watch Oprah and write down something she says and post it up here. If you are inspired by something, anything, the smallest thing, put it here so that we can all be INSPIRED.


You'll probably have already read the summary, but this, this story right here, is for YOU. For everybody. To let everybody know they're special. To bring a smile to your day. To bring a smile to someone else's day. 


This is for everyone. Tell your friends. Tell your fans. Let's try and get this to become a huge work. Let's all INSPIRE.

If you are inspired by a flower on the sidewalk, lyrics from a song, beauty in anything, post it here. Show the rest of us. A story. 

Let me start you all off with a story.

I first heard this story a couple years ago at the christian summer camp I've been going to for almost 9 years now. The camp director, Steve, always tells a story on the last night of camp at the end of the week, right before we all go off to bed.  This story, he's told it so many times, but it never seems to lose it's meaning. 


Imagine a beach, it's shores covered in starfish, washed up onto the sand by the tides. As far as the eyes can see, millions of starfish line the beach, drying out in the hot sun. A little boy walks along the beach, picking up a starfish, and throwing it back. Picking up a starfish, and throwing it back. Picking it up, throwing it back. Again and again. Starfish after starfish. This boy, he keeps doing this for hours. 

Now this little boy's father comes down to the beach. He walks over to his son and puts his hands on his shoulders.

"Son," he says,

"You can throw back a thousand starfish, but one will always come and take it's place, washed up by the tide." 

The little boy turns to his father and replies, "I know." and resumes throwing back starfish.

The father looks out to the ocean, and then back at his son. "Well then what difference does it make?" he asks.

The boy picks up another starfish, then pauses. 

"A huge difference for that one," he says, throwing the starfish out into the ocean. 


The moral of that story always fills my eyes with tears. There may be billions and billions of people in the world, but by helping just ONE person, you make a HUGE difference. 

So add, 



The End

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