Night 1 4:30 PM

My personal struggle with Caffeine and Sugar, here because I can't focus on anything else.

So, I apologize if I anger anybody for the next couple days. I am going to get completely off sugar and caffeine because it is literally making me not think straight. So you're likely going to see my journey through this on here. I feel like I'm going insane.

Night 1 4:30 p.m - The shakes are horrible. Every thought is going through my head at a million miles an hour. Every word I type on this post takes a full minute to write up because my thoughts are racing and colliding with each other. For some reason I've spent the entire afternoon worried about dust in my computer fans. And right now I'm thinking about the hair from my mustache hitting my tongue. Must bite......why? I donno.

This is crazy. I guess I ought to attempt to sleep this off because if I don't the next five paragraphs are going to be about the cheeses I dislike, the hair in my mouth and the nagging feeling that because I can hear my computer fan that it's going to explode.

God help me, this is night one. More updates to come later

The End

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