I have this friend.Mature

I have this friend.

He's really very interesting and he has a good sense of humor. I trust him. He's always very nice to me and he's one of the few people that I feel understands me. Sometimes, I wonder if I should give him my phone number so that maybe I could call him and hear his voice. But I'm hesitant.

You see, this friend of mine, I've never met him before. He lives on the other side of the world, and the chances of me meeting him in person anytime soon are slim. I've only told one of my friends in "real life" about him. I'm afraid if I tell my family they won't believe he is who he says he is and that they'll take away my access to the internet. My mother would throw a hissy fit, I'm sure of it. Parents don't seem to understand that there are people on the internet who aren't lying about who they are. There are good people out there.

I have this friend. I have this good friend.

But I have to keep him a secret.

The End

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