• Fuck ya, all of ya,
  • I'll grab the gun,
  • Put a bullet in your brain,
  • Do you think I'm insane?
  • Standing there,
  • Near the edge.
  • I'll fucking shove ya,
  • Watch you fall,
  • I'm not insane at all!
  • I don't know your name,
  • That's not a shame!
  • I'll have no regret,
  • Throw you in front the train,
  • I'm no longer sane!
  • As I fall down,
  • You start to drown!
  • Die quick!
  • Because you're sick,
  • Insanity gave me a crown!
  • The dreaded alley,
  • From which I came!
  • Left me dying in a tomb,
  • Darkness falls as anger roars,
  • Insanity took control of my empty restless soul!
  • I felt drained,
  • As insanity reined!
The End

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