For you scumbags watching children suffer from the brunt.
Imposed on the them by twisted evil cunts.
Hope all remember is was you that helped enable , A vindictive bitch to runaround spewing complete fables
Hippicritical is saying the very least about those of you who helped create that beast.
The Damage is now done, insanity's already come.
Two children's mental health is being undone.
Rational thought for you all is severely decreased.
Long ago all common sense became deceased.

{ Hook: A pitiful version have we became of the ancestors whose name we lay claim.
Loyalty, Honer and Respect, Were principles most men would never defame.
Not long  ago your word and a handshake one would not think to break.
Morals and principles a thing of the past, majority now made up of fakes.
Virtues of old have now been replaced by a world of full of snakes.}

It is plain to see most of you act out of greed.
Feeding of off peoples suffering you greatest need.
Don't give a fuck who you main or hurt.
Your will upon others viciously you assert.
Morality none of you even bother to seek.
Shown clearly by the company you keep.
Two faced backstabbers your circle is made of.
Not one cruel deed a single one of you are above.
You all even children are not safe from.
Every fucking one of you no better than pond scum.


Looking down upon others during their plights and struggles.
 Is just a form of entertainment like watching someone who juggles.
Empathy and kindness you in no way show another.
Having some compassion is for you just too much bother.
Accepting responsibility for the problems you have helped create.  
A foreign concept your brain is unable to equate.
Cowardice and Callousness are your two greatest traits.
The cries of pain and grief you have caused in my mind resonates.
Balancing the scales, justice will dictate. That each of you suffer a suitable fate.


Another is now suffering because of a part you all played.
Of Karma coming back you should all be very afraid.
Retribution well on its way, soon it will be judgement day.
It is your own sins for which each of you will pay.
May the piper show none of you any leeway.
A fearful journey down the river Styx your new freeway.
Wont be long now before your entire retinue, face the consequences fate has in store for you,
There is no escape no bargaining to be had. Time to meet the collector. Balance way past overdue.


The End

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