Just chatting but this is IMPORTANT... Talk to me & Let me know your thoughts :)

Hey guys im just chatting really because I have to get this off my chest... okay so within the last week, I sent the preface and chapters one and two of my first Unfinished Novel 'Eve Manor' off to some literary agents over the internet...

I checked very one out and each seemed genuine but I'm worrying because I sent the work to the actual agent and not to the company they worked for... Now i'm worrying a little because none have gotten back to me and they said they would... Do you guys have any thoughts or advice on this topic for me?

Am I just worrying for nothing? I know that protagonize has always been a great site to me, I know that it is also evidence that the stories I post are my own because of the date and time stamp and also my friends and family at home who know of my work since it began but you guys have always been so kind and supportive of all my work I've posted, helping me to improve it and so on, so I'd love to hear your thoughts :D

Thank You - Hannah xx

The End

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