Inebriation and Truth

In religion of love worship is based on inebriation.... vigilant men are outside of this ring... My religion is passion of lovers...[A translated part of Tabatabiy's poem]

One of the most basic problems in mysticism is inebriation. Drinking spiritual wine is main cause of it. It seems that reason of many of dos and don'ts considered in different religions is to reach individuals to drunkenness state. Hafez says "open the nodes of world secrets because drinking makes hard affairs to be easy ". In general, when pleasures soar, reach to the states of inebriation. So drunkenness gender is enjoyment in diver’s levels. Inebriation has a truth and several signs. Inviting to train rites, scriptures portrait conditions of a drunken man. Those books invite everyone to spiritual wine that could be cause of inebriation, but fewer men reach to drunkenness state. This means that you could invite to the wine but invitation to inebriation is another issue. Actions in prayers are treatments of a drunken man. If you are not to be drunken in your prayer, your actions are only an imitation. There is a movement in inebriation that enter you from a stage to another stage with a force that created by spiritual wine. Movement of a force produces a new work (drink wine successively and be carefree from workless men (Tabatabaiy)).

The End

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