Indy car racing: as exciting as spinning around in circles!

This piece is about Indy Car Racing.

I spin around in circles, making car noises...getting dizzier and dizzier, so I finally  crash, hearing the crowd go wild because I did crash!

What I've just experienced is just as fun as Indy racing.  Except, guess what I added.  I went left and right!!!  And get this.  Went I went right, I didn't crash!  See?  It's even more fun that Indy racing!

The most exciting thing is when the driver makes and unexpected right turn!

The drivers say it's for the adrenaline rush.  Well, why don't you go mountain climbing, or do russian roulet?  You'll be a famous person who died, and had a HUGE adrenaline rush.

Then the watchers say it's "humorous" and "enjoyable" to see the crashes.  Well, go watch someone murder your best friend, then tell me how hi-lar-i-ous that is!  Same concept, right?

So, put your racecar helmet on, and prepare to turn left...a lot.

The End

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