individual reader response journal

B) The characters in "Life As We Knew It" are starting adapting to the disasters that are happening around the world. The conflict in the book is the moon that was knocked closer to earth making all types of natural disasters happen. The main characters in the book Miranda,Mom,Jonny, and Matt begin to accept the fact that they could die anyday but they use sarcasm and humour to accept that.   Miranda says with humour "mom let jonny and me have a glass of wine, because, hey, the world is coming to an end so why not."

C) Mirandas view on religion are different than mine. She doesn't believe that time should go into God or trying to get into heaven. My views are you should try your best in worshipping God.  Miranda thinks its silly for her friend megan to be spending so much time doing church things.

D) In the book its an astroid and the moon but in real life there is a super volcano. The super volcano is known as Yellowstone volcano and it is past time for it to errupt. If Yellowstone does errupt it will reach far distances with lava which could kill tons of population.

F) During the book it addresses how we would get necessities if an event like this would occur.In the book food is running out, gas and oil, no electricity, and they cant get fresh water.If an event were to happen like this would America help each other with these necessities or would it be a free for all?

G) The book is entertaining for two reasons. It makes you question whether or not this is possible, and it uses humour to drag in attention. The book made me think a lot about if the science was correct and if this could actually happen. The humour dragged my attention back to the story.

H) My overall reaction to the text would be shocked. Its crazy how things could change so drastically in one day. Miranda was at school one day then the next the world was coming to a end.

I) I would buy out grocery stores like they did and i would also continue to worry about school. But I would have left the town in hopes of finding better resources. But it was hard for Miranda and her whole family to leave.

The End

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