Writers block.

It sucks. Really sucks. You get this great idea and by the time that you get a pen and paper - it's gone. And there is nothing that you can do about it. I'm not sure what causes writers block but it seems to be a semi permanent resident in my life. I've been interested in writing for years and only ever written a few things which I didn't even complete properly. I've started short stories, a novel and a sitcom. None of which has been seen through to completion because of writers block. It could be lack of planning. I've never been particularly good at planning. It's kind of a downfall of mine. It's not like I haven't tried. Believe me I have. It's just that the ideas I get seem to be really shallow and unimaginative. I get what appears to be a killer idea for a piece then the seeds of doubt get planted in my head. 'Have I seen something/read something like this before? I'm not sure.' that kills the idea. If I can't be sure that what I'm writing is original then why bother to proceed? And I know that what I'm writing now is probably one of the most unoriginal things I could have possibly started writing but it's different. It's an unoriginal idea from a different perspective. My perspective. That is a very important thing to remember though, I suppose. My perspective is original. No-one in the entire world thinks exactly the same way I do. This, therefore, technically makes everything that I write original. Well done to me.

This doesn't, however, help me to decide what to write about. I really enjoy writing because it gives me the chance to spill the contents of my mind onto a page. It also gives whoever reads it the chance to find out a little bit more about how my mind works. It gives me the chance to express my opinion in such a way that I can properly explain myself without worry about narrow minded people talking over me or shouting me down. This has and does happen. It happens to everyone. I think that everyone should be allowed to express their opinion; it is important to me that they do this in a fair way and try to make it as inoffensive as possible. For example, I was standing at the bus stop in town the other day and a woman just walked up and started shouting to everyone. 'Jesus is the way! Get past your pride and embrace him!' I respect her for her beliefs and her opinions but try not to force them down my throat. When it comes to religion I don't know what I believe in. I've thought about it long and hard and I still don't know what I believe. I went to a school where Anglican Christianity was the way forward. This was what I knew for four years. They did make us aware that there were other religions but never gave us too many specifics. It wasn't until I got to senior school when we started to get taught about the different religions. Islam, Hinduism, Judaism etc etc. It was fascinating to me. I found it hard to believe that there are so many different ways to worship deities. I'm not going to speculate as to whether or not there is a God or not. I think that there is some sort of higher power; I like to believe that there is a purpose to what we do. I also like to believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction (that's some sort of scientific theory. Can't remember what it's called; might be Chaos Theory). The idea of alternate realities is interesting too. The idea that for every choice we make another reality comes into existence. For instance, if I decided not to go to work tomorrow there would be this reality where I didn't go to work but there would also be a reality where I did. Something as insignificant as that could make a difference. It's the old idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in china can cause a hurricane in the Caribbean (or something like that). That train of thought could get me into trouble though because I really don't know what I'm talking about.

History has recently started to really interest me again. When I was at senior school they made it really boring. When I was a juniors though it was better. Not so much the 'proper' history lessons that we had; learning about kings and queens, I was more interested in Greek and Roman history. Senior school did offer one class that interested me: Classical Civilizations. I did this for GCSE and I was gutted that I couldn't do it for A Level as well because it was one of the best classes I ever had. We learned about gladiators and the legions; we studied some of the works of Juvenile who documented what life was like practically living in the gutter in ancient Rome. It was all really fascinating. You get a picture painted for you that life was great for everyone. Not really true. I also like the sort of history that Dan Brown has been writing about. The DaVinci Code was a brilliant book. Expertly researched and formed. A work of fiction nonetheless. He used ideas that have been around for centuries which to people who have more scientific ways of thinking seem to be more plausible. The idea that Jesus was not the son of God but a mortal who led a life like everyone else. The idea that Jesus married and had children certainly is a cause for debate among theological scholars. However, it is a debate that has and sill continue for years to come. You can prove anything as long as you word it right and I'm not here to prove anything. I'm just writing whatever comes into my head.

The End

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