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A fluffy floppy eared bunny sat in a clear patch of grass. It was munching away happily at its newly found food source. Completely oblivious to the world around it. Of course, no danger threatened that innocent little bunny anyways. So it didn’t have anything to fear. Or so it thought.

From a couple of trees away from it, a predator perched on a large branch patiently awaiting for the perfect moment. Emilee sat staring at the cute little bunny having its little lunch. She drew back her wooden bow and let go of the arrow. With a quiet whoosh it was steadily on its path towards the bunny.

The arrow just missed the bunny by a hair; setting it sprinting down in to deeper woods. Emilee sighed. ‘Better luck next time I guess’ she mumbled as she leaped from her perch. She strapped her bow to her back and continued her way towards a pile of logs.

Emilee had left her cottage this morning to gather some wood. But on the way back, she was completely distracted by the adorable little bunny. She knew she needed more practice on her accuracy. Not that the last attempt was successful.

At least she was getting better; she did for a fact miss that bunny by a small fraction. Emilee gathered the logs in to her arms. It was a bigger pile than she had thought. Her arms awkwardly hugged the logs, causing her to hobble her way back home.

Emilee had a difficult time seeing over the pile she had gathered. It would sway back and forth with Emilee’s movements. This caused the less secure firewood on the top to sweep back and forth, making it quite hard for Emilee to keep all of them in her arms. One by one, logs would fall from the pile and land loudly on the forest floor. By the time she had reached her cottage, Emilee had produced a long trail of firewood behind her.

                “You know mundane tasks really does not suit you Red,” chuckled a tall slim figure leaning near Emilee’s doorway. “It’s a shame the guys aren’t here to see this! Vincent would have a riot seeing this!” The figure laughed as he stared at the pile Emilee came back with. “Can I assume that pile was much larger when you started out?”

                Emilee glowered.  “What do you want Triton?”

A smile grew across the handsome young adult’s face. His teeth shimmered in the sunlight and his pale blue eyes slowly lit up as his smile grew. “Your lovely face will get stuck like that you know.” He glanced past Emilee and laughed again at what he saw. “I have heard of a bread crumb trail, but a log trail? Haha!” Triton wiped the corners of his eyes.

                “Answer… Me…” Emilee glared, completely ignoring Triton’s teasing.

                “Tsk tsk. You never were the patient type huh? I come on a mission milady, I’m he-“

                “Wait. Wouldn’t want any eavesdroppers, would we?” Emilee stopped Triton. She calmly opened the door to her cottage and ushered Triton inside. “Make yourself home. I’m going to make a fire before we talk. It’s a bit chilly in here. ”

Emilee was stalling. She didn’t want to know why Triton was here. But knowing him, he’ll be determined to tell her no matter what the cost.

Emilee sat the firewood down and proceeded to start a fire. After failing the start couple of times, Triton came over to assist her.


                “You’re terrible at this.” Triton got up, patting his trousers. The infant fire crackled as it licked smaller logs to gather more strength. Warmth was slowly radiating from the fireplace. Triton shuffled the position of some logs to assist the fire’s growth.

                “Thanks. I’m not really skilled in building fires.” Emilee brushed past Triton.  “Would you like something to eat?” She made her way in to her small kitchen. It wasn’t much of a kitchen; but it had all of the tools to help Emilee cook. It was all she needed.

                  “Sure. Just wondering, how are you surviving on your own?”

                “I get by pretty well,” Emilee placed some sweetrolls on the wooden table and gestured to Triton to take some.

                “Ha! That’s kinda hard to believe. But seriously, how do you live? You can’t even start a fire. Can you even gather food for yourself?” Triton pulled up a neat little wooden stool and grabbed a sweetroll to munch on.

                “Handy with the blade remember? It’s easy for me to get game. I occasionally ask for Yal’s assistance with the fire when I can’t get it started within an hour.”

Triton nodded. He stared off in to the distance for a brief moment as if he was lost in thought.

                “So, Triton… Why are you here?” Emilee stared in his pale blue eyes.

                “Sanctuary summons you, Red. I don’t know why.”

                “I’m just supposed to agree and come with you?”

Triton nodded.

                “And what if I don’t wish go? Huh? Then what?” Emilee stood up. Her palms planted against the wooden table.

                “Whoa, calm down. I’m not here for a fight.”

                “Then why are you here?” Emilee sharpen her eyes. She knew where this was going.

                “To make sure you come back with me. You have been summoned… You cannot ignore them. I have to bring you back.”

A scoff escaped Emilee’s mouth. “Typical.” She whispered under her breath.

Emilee looked around her cottage. Most of her weapons were in their hiding places. She only had a switchblade with her. And if the past has taught her anything it would be that a switchblade against Triton would be foolish. So she did what she had to do.

Emilee quickly flipped the table towards Triton, sending the sweetrolls and plates flying. She dived under the space she had just created and ran for the door. Before she could even touch the handle, she was tackled to the floor.

                “EMILEE! Come on. Don’t make this any harder… You have to understand. I’m ordered to bring you back.”

Emilee thrashed from underneath Triton. His hands were on her shoulders, forcefully trying to pin her down.

                “NO! LET GO OF ME!” Emilee spat, as she struggled from Triton’s grasp.               

                “No! If I do, you’ll flee! I can’t return empty handed.”

Emilee tried to kick Triton away, but her attempt failed when Triton pinned his weight on her. It soon became difficult for Emilee to thrash about.

                “Psst, Triton look over there!”  

                “We’re not thirteen anymore, that won’t work on me.”

                “You should be ashamed that it worked on you when you were thirteen.” Emilee tried to thrash some more. However it was futile. Even though Triton didn’t fall for her first trick, it didn’t mean that he won’t fall for the other trick she had. Emilee mentally sighed, she hated resorting to this trick. Emilee lay motionless for a moment.

                 “You’re…. hurting me Triton. Please get off. I won’t run away anymore.” Emilee spoke softly as if she lost all her breathe. “Heavy… you’re so heavy…”

                “… Oh! My apologies.” Triton released his hold on Emilee. “Here, let me help you up.” He offered his hand. Emilee took it. After being pulled up on her feet, she tighten her hold on Triton’s hand and grabbing his upper arm, she flipped him on to his back.

                “Ugh!” Triton grabbed Emilee’s leg as soon as he hit the ground. Using her only free foot, she stomped on the hand holding her ankle. Triton groaned in pain. He released the ankle. Emilee opened her door and looked back. Triton rolled on his side, trying to get back up on his feet.

                “Red… wait! Don’t go…”

Emilee came back to Triton, but kept her distance. Looked at him, making sure eye contact was made. And then kicked him twice in the stomach, causing Triton to double over and collapse on the floor. She sprinted out of her cottage and in to Bleak Woods. 

The End

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