A collection of my unfinished works. I have issues and a lack of motivation to finish them hence they will forever be unfinished.

Some entries may include multiple chapters, some may only have one chapter. It'll be obvious which ones have multiple chapters. Any feedback and suggestions on any of the entries will be greatly appreciated. And any advice on grammar and writing points would be helpful as well.


I stared deeply in to the still water in the sink. Screams of terrified people filled my mind. Clouding all other thoughts. The crunching and snapping of bones silenced their screams. I splashed water on my face with my shaky hands.

 The nightmares came back again.  I shook my head. They were just nightmares. But everything about it felt so real.

I closed my eyes and the images rapidly materialized in my head. They were the same ones from my dreams.

I’m in some sort of city full of chaos. Blacken skies blanket the sun. Dead bodies resting everywhere. Some were in piles near the side of alleys. Some set on fire and used as torches to light the way.

There was frost building up on the side of metal pipes and glass. It was chilly. But I wasn’t cold.

I felt warm. I looked at my hands and feet. They were drenched in blood. The warm blood covering my body filled me up with warmth. There laid a bleeding body at my feet. It was torn to pieces and bruised heavily. I find myself smiling. Grinning, in fact. Before releasing a demonic laugh.

I quickly opened up my eyes and drew in a sharp breath. My heart kept racing away. It was just a dream. I slapped my cheeks. Just a dream, I told myself. Just a dream. Those people aren’t really dead. They were just a figment of my imagination.

                Dreams are your true desire, sweetie. A deep voice echoed through my head. Humans are such disgusting creatures, you want to kill them all.

I winced. That’s a lie. I don’t believe that. 

                That’s what you think. But I can see inside your soul, little boy. I know what you want. 

The End

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