The air is stuffy like your nose--

Cold and drizzling

You start shivering without blankets

Naked on the mattress

Able to curl but not wanting to

Laying flat in the center

On your back

With every extremity spread

From your fingers

To your ear headed

Tear letting eye-lashed

Open eyelidded stare

Darting through the salty blur

Of mistakes taking more than a bit

Of who you are when you sit

When you stand

When you scream

When you demand

Of yourself to redeem

The innocence

If but only in a way that's simplest


Listless and empty

Inside of a drafty home

Inside of your unsleeping bones

Spread out alone

Covered by whatever other

Exterior is you--

Like blood, sinew, tissue

The layers of yourself cannot undo

Cannot unwind in due time

You're hopeless

Climbing mountains rope-less

Moving no more

Than with a shudder

Reverberating from what is freezing

Without asking

To be everlasting

It's telling

no matter how hard you're yelling

For the peddle to be floored 

Driving off of the precipice

Caring not for being free or barred,

Slashed, healed, scarred

You are

Motionless in dense sorrow

No tomorrow

Incapacitation is your undecided,

undivided, suffering state

From which you cannot hide

Cannot run or be pursued

Pryed from or even found

You're heavy weighted sinking down

Toward what awaits

Without permission to conclude.

The End

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