In the rainMature

You took me by the hand
You led me all the way

You made me shiver
As you told me not to fear the next page

You eyes seemed so sincere
They spoke of past pain and wanting to make right

I held your arm so tightly
Looking up into the trees
Everything felt so different
So new and clean to me

You assured me we needed shelter
If I'd only known your plans
The old bicycle propped up against the wall
The ghosts of many were watching my demise

You held me so close to you
I let you play your games
I wanted the attention
Unsure of what was to come

Your hands they told of lives past
The weather, the sun
Your age it never mattered
You picked me as the one

You made my heart melt volumes
If only I had known about you
Before this day we met

Now looking back I'm thankful
For your patience and your words
But I hate you for what you made me
And hope you never forget my words

The End

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