In the Mirror

In those moments between sleep and awake, I see you.

I see you with perfect clarity. And then I hear you.

Your voice rings in my ears, causing my heart to leap.

Your smile tells me a thousand stories, while I sit without a care.

And in those moments, between sleep and awake, I am able to stop and stare. 

I see how it began. I see the fall. I see all the time that I gave.

I see it coming. The devastating blow to my heart, shaking my mind.

You didn't love me, nor would you ever. You always thought you could do better.

With a suffocating jolt, I jump into the awake. My mind is racing, my heart in full break.

And then I remember. There is an ending. One more beautiful than I had ever thought.

Crawling to a mirror, I'm able to see. This child you cast out isn't the same as before.

Her heart isn't in pieces, her legs are able to carry her. 

Her mind is strong, and her eyes are clear. She sees another person now in the mirror. 

This one is different, though not many are able to see it.

She's a warrior, a master of herself. She knows who she is, and couldn't be better.

So who is this man? Who is this captive who led her heart wherever he went?

She will never tell you. You will never know what's in her past.

You will never know, every day she wakes up in a frenzy, with her heart in a fray.

You can't know that she dreads the morning, when she drags out of a beautiful nightmare.

Only to strengthen again and to glow with pride, and look her captor in the eye.

As she stands face to face with a mirror, we come to the realization that her captor was never a man. It was never him who held the key. Now we will see.

Her former self stood in the way, she escapes her every day.

To be a heroic being, she must first conquer herself.

The End

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