In My Own WaysMature

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The Hello :

To jump straight to the point, I have learned, there is safety in numbers. Even if that number is 2. I,ve settled on the thought that he did save me, from myself, strangely enough.With the totally un-origianl teenage 'problems' effecting me hard, I became, quite .. sad. If that be the appropriate word. Ofcorse I am, I think, a little more mature then I was so when I recall now past events they seem so petty, dramatized indefinitly. And like any human being, ofcorse I have regrets and surely there will be more as I am only the ripe old age of 17.

 I do love life ofcorse, though there are those days, that everybody has, where you just get fed up. I try my hardest to avoid such days, and if I do have such a day, try your hardest, to avoid me. In this, I'll try not to complain to much, or offend anyone .. No promises though. As an extremely average teenage drama queen, I'd say there are people out there that can relate to some things I write about, so read on and start a fight with me .

The End

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