Deans Legacy

Deans memory, and legacy, will continue on through all of us.
Dean is not only my brother; he is Steve, Pete, and Lisa’s brother too. A Brother-in-law to Laurie & Heather. Through them, and all of the nieces & nephews, his Aunt & Uncle, and cousins; Dean’s memory will carry on from the stories they will tell, and the pictures they will share.

To Deans son Taylor: Dean was so very proud of you; it was obvious whenever he spoke about you. And he loved you beyond words. And, even from as far away as New York City, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. You are a chip off the old block Taylor, and will remind us of yet another great thing that Deans life has given us.

To Mary, Deans wife and soul mate: Thank you for making those years with him the best years of his life. We know he found all he needed when he found you. It was so obvious how perfect you two were for each other, and with each other. I’m glad he was able to know the love that you both shared together.

And, to Mom & Dad: No greater a loss is there, than that of your own child. We cannot know. But no greater a joy and pride is there than watching and knowing he grew up to become someone you can be proud of. A son you can speak of with the warmest regard, deepest love, and greatest respect. You raised a great son with Dean. We are as proud to have had him as our brother, as you surely are to have had him as your son.

The End

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