Deans Persona

I read the comments from Dean’s friends and coworkers last night from his online memorial page. Everyone had only the best praise and memories of their times with him. It’s a true testament to the kind of person Dean was to those that got to know him. Dean was ‘somebody’ to everybody who knew him.

In thinking back to my teens, Dean was usually out ‘gallivanting around town’. This progressed to cities, then provinces, and then on to countries. During those years specifically (and being 4 years younger than Dean), he was always out doing things, meeting people, and going places I was too young to join in on- or could afford; and was often too young to hear about the juicy details too. This created a ‘mystique’ for me with Dean. He was well travelled, street smart, making great money, was the ‘Boy with all the toys’ and gadgets, dated pretty girls, carried himself well, and stood his own in the company of others. He was kind of like ‘The Fonz’ to me, maybe even an Elvis!?

But, he was Dean; no apologies- and none were needed! You could not have met a more straight-up person than Dean. If you were an ass, he’d tell you. If you were the kind of person he’d call a friend, you could always count on him. And family could always count on him whether we were being asses, or not! Dean made the most of his life, always saw the best in what he had, and always kept pushing onwards- on to the next best thing. All of his efforts and perseverance finally rewarded him, when he met Mary. And together, they found heaven on Earth.

Dean will be dearly missed by all of us, there is no doubt. But I won’t shy away from talking about him; from keeping his memory alive. The loss of my brother will be greatly outweighed by the smiles that his memory will provide me by doing so. And I will remember Dean 1st with a smile, as I can only see the good that his life has given me.

The End

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