I wrote a short poem, to share some more thoughts I have about Dean:

What were once passing thoughts
as you'd go about your day,
have since turned to sudden stops,
from the life that’s taken away.

It’s not that we think of him more,
now that he's gone,
It's that all the times we did before,
there was nothing wrong.

But you realize
just how much you thought of them,
Now the one you think of,
has journeyed on to heaven.

That's when your heart sinks;
when nothing makes sense.
When you want to back up every day,
to before he went away;
and be, once again, in his presence.
And though that chance has passed us now,
we are still left with his memories, and to laugh out loud;
As we keep the essence of who Dean was
alive in our hearts, and forever in our thoughts.

The End

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