In Memory of My Brother; Dean Robinson

Dean Robinson
January 30, 1964 - October 16, 2012

Private Family Funeral Service, held on Oct 27, 2012

Hello, and welcome, everyone:
I was asked by family if I would deliver the eulogy for Dean today, and I take honor in doing so;
There are no unfamiliar faces among us here today,
Everyone here knew Dean, as he knew us... as Family.
There is a comfort in knowing we had that unique personal relationship with him.
That we were the few that knew Dean so well, for so long.
His life has had a great influence on all of us, in so many ways.
And everyone here knew Dean, as only we could.

We are Deans surviving Family now.
We are the ones left with the privilege of carrying on his memory.
There are so many wonderful memories that we all share, thanks to Dean being a part of our lives.
And I will do that; I will share his memory- with pride.

Dean was a great Brother to me, and I always admired him from afar.
I looked up to him as my cool older brother. Dean introduced me to The Police too! But the group though, unlike in Martins case. He opened my ears and eyes to Billy Idol, Pink Floyd, and A Clockwork Orange too- back in the days with Jim Hurst.

Whatever Dean wore, he made it look cool; be it jeans and a T-shirt, cowboy boots, leather jackets, jean jackets, or suits & ties; he was always able to ‘pull it off’ with ease. And I had some of the coolest hand-me-downs a little brother could want, if he didn’t wear them out completely first.
Just like with his clothing, anything that Dean drove- whether it was rusted, dented, or caked in primer from bumper to bumper, he made that look cool too.
(Peter got a couple of those hand-me-downs though).
These are some of my memories and thoughts of Dean.

The End

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