In Loving Memory (My Sister in My Heart)

A Tribute to a Loved One
Lora Pacheco
December 11th, 2007

Lora is a close friend, who as of the date & time mentioned above, passed away in a car accident. She is the sister of my best friend Blah, they are like real sisters to me. She was, is & always will be loved. She’ll, no matter what, be in our ♥’s for time indefinate. She would always make me laugh. She had a loving, bubbly, kind spirit. I hate the past-tense.

My favorite memories of Lora are: When she would take Blah and I to the store and we would be silly. Then when Lora, Blah & I would laugh about silly things. One time I was playing a song my friend wrote and Lora & Blah joined in with their violins.

This just makes us realize that we don’t have forever. Do things now, in the present, so we don’t regret things later. Tell people you love them, say encouraging things everyday, support each other. Life is precious & don’t take it for granted.

We love U, Pacheco Family! We Love you, Lorie!

Bri-on, Family & Friends

The End

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