In Love With The Sun

My Love,

Like the sun lights up the daytime, you light up my life. You blaze with the brilliance of the golden orb spinning in the azure sky. Your glow reaches into the darkest corners of myself and it chases away the shadows lingering there. It gives me something to believe in, something of warmth to hold onto. You brighten my world with your brilliance and your radiance. When I can't see your face all I have to do is remember your sunshine and it makes me smile.

I want so much to set the world alight with the sparks that dance between us, simply to watch it burn. My lips smolder with the heat of it and my soul radiates with your intensity. I sparkle because I reflect the light you embrace my being with. It feels like we just got here, and I never want to leave. So, I’ve stashed the flames of your silhouette in my jeans so that wherever I travel I’ll have your warmth and your light to remember you by.

Wherever life’s journey takes us, know that I’ll always be with you. When you close your eyes, I’ll be waiting for you amongst the softened edges of your dreams and the silent spaces between the shadows of the night. Look for me amongst the beauty of your thoughts and the tangles of your imagination, hidden amongst the careful whispers of your deepest hopes and your darkest desires. Take the memory of me with you on your starlight journey. I’ll be there, located somewhere within the vestiges of your mind; it doesn’t really matter where I am physically. Your heart is my compass and your light is my guiding star. In return I’ll send you all my sunsets in hope that the memory of me will be bright enough to blind you.

Your sunshine entrances my soul and I remain in absolute wonder of the beauty that lies in front of me. Often, lost in my incredulity, I forget to say out loud how truly amazing you are. I don’t even know how to begin to tell you just how much you mean to me, and ‘I love you’ has never seemed enough. How can so much feeling, so much emotion and passion and beauty possibly fit into those three tiny words? How can such a simple phrase possibly capture the magnitude of how I feel about you? I simply don’t have the words.

You are my light, my life, my love and my laughter. Everything is brighter when I’m with you and I will be forever grateful for your incredible presence within my life. Thank you for the one thousand moments, the one thousand diamonds that I’ve shared with you, and of the thousands more I know are to come. You’ve shown me love and life and beauty in a million places. My love for you is endless and I am forever changed because of who you are and what you mean to me.

You are an amazing, incredible, wise, funny, beautiful man. I hope this coming year is filled with countless perfect moments and memories, entwined with beauty, laughter and love. I hope you surround yourself with those who will continue to help you grow and prosper, and who will challenge and delight and inspire you. I hope you never doubt just how many people you are loved by. And I hope you never doubt just how much I love you.

I love you with everything I am. And everything is endless.


The End

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