Implode or Explode?

read it you will like it and then read more of my stuff. If you don't get it read it backwards maybe it will sound better that way...

 There is no salvation in this love

But I love you all the same

What are we?

Who are we to each over?

Fire and ice

Water into acid

Each trying to consume the other

I only want you to know that I am here

I'm sure your motives are pure

But I don't see anything

Just the smoke and the fire

But I can't leave you

My need is entwined around you

My hope is you

and my want is you

I've given my self to love

And handed myself over to co-dependance

Seemed like the sweetest love

The grandest surrender

But what is this really?

Are we just waiting to decide whether we'd like to implode or explode?

The End

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