Immortal Loathing

We all know one....

He wouldnt die- he couldnt die. anything it took for him to be killed, he would just come back stronger. he was an infernal rage of terror and demise, hated by all and feared through the night. The greatest heros would pray to the lord on their hands and knees that he may not find them. He was the greatest personification of death and fear there ever was. But he was human. slightly distorted, but nevertheless human-like. Having many a year before traded his body for strength, he became a skeleton at night-not an organ to be found. but during the day, only one thing would change, one thing would come back to him in the morning other than his human form. His pure heart with the unquenchable thirst for the love that he had none of. He was aboused in this state by many: beaten, manipulated, used and betrayed. All took use of him. But at night, he had his vengance. All the while, his existence was merely to find equilibrium- to find happiness yet stay strong enough to hold it.

The End

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