Immortal Death (Characters)Mature

This is the character profiles in Immortal Death

Name: Shiori Akane Mei

Nickname: Bookmark or Shiori

Age: 21021

Race: No one really knows where she's from, she claims to be Japanese but she can speak fluent ancient Greek.


+Leek and Asparagus vegetable juice


+The smell of books

+Classical music.

+Running 10 miles each morning.




-People trying to kill her

-Rave music

-Love stories

Biography: ------------------------- Will be written soon enough------------------------


=Immortal type D: She can die but she just comes back and her body heals itself.

Job: Police officer

Weapons: DASARU: A chain with a sharp point on the end which is attatched to a device that winds it up. It helps with swinging across long gaps.

The End

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