"I'mma lONEly"Mature

this is a song i wrote a few weeks ago about two young people that are in the Foster Care system. The inspiration came from a friend of mine.

i do have to give credit to P!nk and Linda Perry for the chorus (from P!nk's song 'Lonely Girl') and Fort Minor, Skyler Grey and Jonah Matranga for the prechorus (from Fort Minor's song 'Where'd You Go')

"I'mma lONEly" 

(Intro) Where'd you go/? I miss you so/ seems like it's been forever/ since you've been gone/ pleae come back home/!

(Verse) Yeah I never wanted this just wish I could rewind and take back that night/ cuz now tha knowledge that you're gone and never comin' back ahs got me feelin' like I'm naked and exposed/ to the elements how could anyone ask for this/? I don't deserve this/ bein' thrust/ forced inta this/ Foster Care System/ is that what cha wanna call it/? Cuz the way that I see it/ it ain't a system just a dead end street/ because I know I got tha will but there ain't no fuckin' way I can beat it/ livin' in pernament confinement imprisonment/ all over a situation where I had no control of it/ how much longer must I suffor tryna make this payment/? And I know dat everyone else in this Orphanage/ is thinkin' and feelin' the same damn way/ beat up broken down and warn out/ rejected dejected and straight up forgotten about/ but I've almost forgotten to mention/ what was written on a stone outside the last house I was at/

PRECHORUS: Where'd you go/? I miss you so/ seems like forever since you've been gone/ please come back home/

CHORUS: I'mma lonmely/ and I'll tell a tale for you/ ooo 'cause I guess I'm just/ trying to find who I am/ oh, I wanted to be a star/ but I can't tell anymore/ no/ 'cause I'm just trying to make/ all my dreams come true/ oh, I had all these dreams/ but I can't tell anymore/ I'mma lonely/

(Verese) Yeah I know you're a lonely girl/ just tryna figure out where you belong up in this crazy worl'/ while it spins whirls and twrils/ but girl/ I gotta be honest/ there ain't no doubt that you've been through Hell/ but when I was there it was frozen with ice/ cuz I got it twice as bad/ but I don't sit back pouttin' with my troubles thrice in hand nah/ instead I stand back up prepared to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to suffice/ but don't get it wrong though/ every second I'm thinkin' 'bout how fuckin'  wrong it is that my parents are gone/ and hwo long it's been since I've slept in the same bed/ yeah I'm feelin' like I'mma fuckin' inmate notta "Breakout King"/ a Dirty Thirty's slave bein' thrust/ forced inta this/ Foster Care System's cave/ expected to behave/ and step into their cage to let go of all my rage/ just so I can fit their mould/ man this goddamn life alone seems so cold/ wonderin' how I'm ever gonna getta grow old/ livin' in pernament confinement, imprisonment all over a situation where I had no control of it/ how much longer will I have to suffor tryna make this payment/? Cuz I'm kneelin' on tha cement lookin' up at tha sky wonderin' why you hadta die and leave me askin' just

PRECHORUS: Where'd you go/? I miss you so/ seems like it's been forever since you've been gone/ please come back home/

CHORUS: I'mma lonely/ and I'll tell a tale for you/ ooo 'cause I guess I'm just/ trying to find who I am/ oh I wanted to be a star/ but I can't tell anymore/ 'cause I'm just trying to make/ all my dreams come true/ oh, I had all these dreams/ but I can't tell anymore/ I'mma lonely

April 1st, 2012     

The End

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