i'm Nothing to NobodyMature

Literary angst is better than physical angst.

The damage done, lies torn apart
The soul’s been ripped from a broken heart
The body rests as a silhouette
The eyes downcast, the cheeks still wet

Here goes nothing
‘Cause nothing’s what I am
Nobody will miss me,
Though I’m his only friend
Here goes nothing
And nothing wants to die
Nobody will grieve me
His tears an honest cry…

The blade it shines from a hidden drawer
The curtains closed, lock on the door
The voices yell, a drum beats on
The worlds collide, the blade is drawn


The blood is spilt, from broken skin
The torment drains, pain slowly dims
The blessed release from a thing called life
The end of sorrow, the end of strife


Here goes nothing
‘Cause nothing’s what we are
Nobody will miss us:
He watches from afar.

The End

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