I'm Just Setting A Trend

A little piece; I felt like writing. Not sure if its fiction or fact yet.

 Messages from you are scarce, far between, and every single one I still cherish.  You have no idea how much.  You make me speechless, and everyone knows that's a feat for the girl that never stops talking. I don't love you, but I always will, that's the sad part. I'll have to watch you walk away and it will kill me.  I'll become a face you used to know, way back when. I'll have to smile and say it doesn't cut me like it does. I'll have to exchange trivialities, hear about your successes. Don't get me wrong, I do like hearing your success. I just hoped so much I'd be there beside you to see them. 

You told her no yesterday, and I saw how it broke her.  I held her while she cried, and watched her piece herself together enough to go home. Please, for her sake, don't let it be some silly girl that will break your heart that gets between you and her. Please. I know our relationship died a long time ago, but yours with her is still an ember. I'm begging you.  

I've got to let you go, because you won't be the one for me, you'll just break my heart. And the worst part is I won't even mind, I'll forgive you completely.  

The End

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