Another part of the rainbow


Green is the color of the marijuana that she rolls up with her manicured nails, and its perfect every time. Its the color of the flecks in her eyes when she's blinded by the sun. Green is the color of the paper she uses to support her mother and younger brothers. Green is the color of her favorite animal, the turtle and turtles of any kind. Green is the color of her little brother's eyes who she would do anything for. Green is the color of the envy I feel for her lover that I know she's been with for 5 years and I know she would never part from. 


Purple is the color of her bedspread that we have shared countless nights. Purple is the color of the lean in her cup and the lean in her blunts. Purple is the color we both dyed our hair when we were in seventh grade. Purple is the color of my face when we were young and dumb, when we played the choking game for the first time in seventh grade in the girls bathroom during lunch. She is purple to me because the color represents extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, pride, mystery, independence, and magic. And she is all of this to me. 


  Yellow is  associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy. Being with her brings me joy. She is my happiness. She is so full of intellect and her energy is so strong that I can't stay away. Yellow produces a warming effect, kind of like the warmth of the space heater she keeps by her bed all year round, claiming she's addicted to heat. Yellow arouses cheerfulness, stimulates mental activity, and generates muscle energy. She is so yellow because I can never not be cheerful when I have her. It reminds me of the long talks we would have until four in the morning until both of us were feeling okay again, and when we would work out weekly, we had so much fun. Yellow is the color of the sun that pours through her bedroom window in the morning that woke us up in the morning. But tell the sun it was unnecisary, because she is my sunshine.

The End

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