I'm Happy I'm Leaving Your Eyes.

Another song about end of School year and changing schools.
This one is in an angry voice.

There's only one I miss
I wish the rest well
You always were so pleasant
Hate pours out of your lips
I've hated you
I've adored you
I've grown attached to you
Finally a fresh start
So bitter
You've changed me
It's time for me
Move without you twisting my Heart
I've tried
I've aimed
I've broken and killed
I missed
The right thing I held in our left hands
Yet I still broke you
I still believe you to be unreasonable
Although you were true
And it was provoking
Twisting me into a wretched thing
You loved me
I'm glad I'm gone
I miss you
You'd better not play with her
She's his
Your friend faces a life imprisoned
You'd better close your mouth
This is my final moments
I'm happy I'm leaving
Fresh start
The start I have wished for 
Comes from the furthest away

The End

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