Purpose of the Process

It all comes down to the purpose of writing. I write for the process and the journey, not for the end achievement of a published novel. If I were to achieve such a thing, it would only mean a few things to me. It would mean that I was good enough to be published, which is a feel-good encouragement. But most importantly, it would result in my work being read by hundreds of people from all different backgrounds. YAY!--that's another reason I write--to share my work with others, to inspire others, to make them think...And guess what? I can do all that right here on Protagonize! I've got the fun of the process and the journey, I've got the feel-good encouragement, and I get a beautiful opportunity to share my work. A novel is just a bigger investment for a bigger result, but if the process is what you love, then every minute you spend on protagonize is just as valuable as every minute you spend on a novel.

And here's something more: ideas are limitless. If you use ideas on this site, there will always be more. There is no end to how much one can create. I post hundreds of ideas on protagonize, and there's still plenty left for my novel. So I never worry about hoarding ideas because there's just too many of them, and the whole point is to share them!

Protagonize is also a fantastic way to practice, experiment, and grow. I have been doing much more writing since I joined. I have been creating far more ideas since I joined. And my writing has been developing at a much faster pace. And Isn't that the point--to grow as a writer?

And here's the catch, once you've grown as a writer, you're much more capable of creating that award-winning novel you're so bent upon.

The End

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